Skills Tracking Software for your Business

StatusZero’s software tracks your workforce’s skills – technical and soft
– so you can proactively develop talent for success in an agile world.

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Support a high performance workforce

Enable your staff to rapidly up-skill and re-skill.
Track their competencies with a rigorous, research led approach. 


Workforce Adaptability & Resilience

Track where staff stand for competencies – both technical and soft – with recommendations for proactive talent development.




Provide clarity to peoples’ agile trajectories for retention & engagement improvements of key talent. Powerful gap analysis, stretch and L&D suggestions.


Enable Innovative Capabilities

Gain real-time insights as skills evolve, or as new skill sets emerge, to better assess and forecast for future skill sets, and prepare for tomorrow.

Why StatusZero?


An inclusive future

We’re working with leading educators and organisational psychologists to create a rigorous, research led approach of tracking both soft and technical skills.

Using StatusZero means you’re contributing to a common language of caliber, that everyone can objectively refer to. This means an inclusive future where both people within your organisation and wider society can grow, and thrive.


With clarity for people's trajectory

Allow your staff to take charge of their own careers in agile settings.

Provide them with insights on what they’re good at, and what they need to work on with actionable steps to reach their goals.


So you can unlock potential

Better link talent to value, and enable business capabilities with the analytics to support high performing teams. StatusZero provides insights on psychological safety, cognitive diversity and whether teams are adequately skilled to execute.

With insights on emerging competencies, or evolving best practices in skills, you can better equip workforces to be on the bleeding edge of innovative capabilities.


Invest in your people

with StatusZero

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